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The Book of TPM

Becoming a world-class Technical Program Manager

This is a work in progress. Feedback and contributions welcome.

I wrote this book to share the knowledge I've gained in my career as a Technical Program Manager. I wasn't always called that title but most of my work has been aligned with it. Use this book to learn more about the role, see if it's a fit for you, and practice your skills to become great.

Who this book is for

Current and aspiring Technical Program Managers. If you want to become a TPM this book is for you. It has practical advice on getting your career started and how to make progress. If you're already a TPM, as we all know, there's lots left to learn and practice. This book will help you identify your next learning opportunity, provide context, and list some resources.

Software engineers, architects, computer security experts, program managers, project managers, product, managers, quality assurance professionals, and anyone else who works with a TPM. This book will help you understand the role of the TPM, where there are overlaps with your role, and how to work together as a team.

Copyright 2023-2024 by Matthew Alexander Manuel

Inspired by my work at Electronic Arts, Capcom, Zynga, Disney, Microsoft, and other companies. Here's my LinkedIn profile.